Ceramic Coating on Car: 7 Things You Didn’t Know!

You are that kind of car owner who wants the car to retain that look that it just came out of the showroom. Therefore, you detail your car after a few months and apply a new coat of wax regularly without fail.

Even after giving it a thorough wash, stain, marks, grime sports, dirt, and chips start clinging to your car concealing its appearance a few days after despite all your efforts. 

With all the questions in your mind, a car passes you by with an old number plate, and you wonder how the owner manages to keep it in such glittery condition. 

ceramic coating on car

Could there be a product in the market they are using that you know nothing about? Well, other than constant care and love, car owners tend to apply the ceramic coating. It adds substantial value to every car.

Before you decide whether to go for it, important you get the facts right. 

  • What is ceramic coating? 
  • Will it be of benefit to your car?
  • What are their limitations?

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer naturally made from sourced silicon dioxide. Some companies use a mixture of titanium dioxide and aluminum oxide to intensify durability. 

Unlike normal wax that only sits on the car surface and can be washed effortlessly, ceramic coating forms a permanent bond with the paint in the vehicle. Meaning, it doesn’t break down or wash away hence doesn’t need repeated application. It gives your vehicle that perpetual candy-gloss polish that turns heads whenever you go. 

Benefits of Ceramic Coating To Your Car

Ceramic coating offers many benefits to your car, including:

Offering an Extra Layer of Protection

Ceramic coating provides an extra protection layer from elements that cause damage. It offers a protective and strong service that works by blocking foreign substances that might cause rust or damage the car. It keeps your car looking new with minimal maintenance. Helping your car withstand much damage and won’t show any visible effects such as chemical staining oxidation or fading. 

Enhanced Gloss

A good ceramic coating adds a clean coat enhancing the reflective properties of the vehicle. It adds the clarity and the depth of the paint, making the paint pop with gloss. If you want to add value to your car, you will want to add ceramic coating. It restores the car to its original look leaving a stunning candy-like gloss for everyone to admire. 

Ease the Cleaning

The main feature of ceramic coating is hydrophobic, meaning it’s difficult for water, grime, and mud to bond on the car surface. When cleaning the car, all the contaminants will be removed effortlessly, and nothing will stick on the surface. 

Protection from Oxidization

When the car is exposed to the sun for long hours, the extreme heat causes oxidization, resulting in cracks, faded, or dulled paint. A layer of ceramic coating will prevent oxidation from taking place by protecting the paint from ultraviolet rays. 

What Ceramic Coating Won’t Do?

From all the benefits listed above, having your car applied ceramic coating will add its values, reduce ongoing maintenance needs and preserve its exterior. 

However, ceramic coating isn’t a super-cure product or a miracle that will solve all your car problems, as some detailers or manufacturers might want to make you believe. Any professional offering ceramic painting, such as Perth Ceramic Paint Protection Company, will tell you that there are things ceramic coating won’t do, including;

Eliminate the Need to Wash

Let’s face it; roads are dirty place. You will still need to wash your car regularly to maintain its newfound look. The best thing is that a ceramic-painted car will have an easier cleaning process. Besides, you won’t have to wax your car often, which means you will eliminate a significant part of maintaining your vehicle. 

Eliminate the danger of Swirl Marks Scratches and Rock Chips

Even though ceramic coating can repel some small scratches, it doesn’t mean that the car will be completely resistant to the risk of parking lot scratches or rock chips. Additionally, automated car washes or aggressive car washing techniques will still create swirl marks on the surface. People always exaggerate the scratch-resistance aspect of ceramic coating. Hence, you need to understand it doesn’t substitute for more chip or scratch protection. 

Note: Ceramic coating applications require a skilled professional who will apply properly. You should never DIY a ceramic coating since you don’t have the tools and knowledge to produce that permanent candy-gloss shine. Remember you want your vehicle to look finest.

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