5 Expensive Japanese Cars Sold at Auction

For years, we have all been aware of Japanese car fame worldwide. How do we buy them? Japan has built a realm business to sell cars and a proper system for their customers, called Japanese car auction houses.

More than 150 plus auction houses around Japan provide every type of car, like four-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and front-wheel drive. Moreover, sportscars are also part of these Japanese car auction houses. 

Japanese car auction website is an online dealing market of cars, from where you can locate and check details of hundreds of stocks available there. It is an enthralling way for customers to buy their car from the Japan car auction.

The auctions kept on enhancing day by day as customer satisfaction is very important to them. Also, it is comfortable for online customers. Also, it is the safest way to import your car through Japanese car auction houses. They also provide an auction sheet of the car, from where customers can be aware of the car’s conditions. 

There are Japanese used cars in Japan car auctions are available at low prices. They provide you with all the details, pricing of the car. Japan’s biggest dealers have chosen his way to mark up their business. But there are expensive cars also sold at Japan car auction houses. We have highlighted five expensive Japanese cars sold at auction till today.

Without any further ado, let’s check out the list which we have come up with. 

Toyota Supra (2020)-2.1 million 

toyota supra

Toyota Supra GR is top of our Japan car auction expensive car list. In January 2020, at Barrett-Jackson’s annual function auction, Toyota Supra sold for 2.1 million$. Toyota supra signed by Akio Toyoda, the Toyota executive chief. It wore VIN #20201 and was the first one off the production line. As we come to Toyota Supra design, it is related to Mark 4 Supra. The only thing which is not of Toyota Supra is the side mirrors; they carried from BMW z4. 

Apart from this, the car was the reason to benefit a charity. The auction donated the amount to Woodruff Foundation and American Heart Association. 

The cars like Mazda 787B, the legendary, couldn’t compete with this one. The first bit was $100,00, but within a moment it reached 2.1 million$. The first model was gray, having matte-black wheels with a red interior. Besides, Barrett-Jackson facilitated more than $100k into charity. 

Lexus CC 500 Convertible (2021)-2 million

lexus cc 500

After a year of selling Toyota Supra 2020, the Barrett-Jackson Japan car auction step-up the game again. The new Lexus CC 500 Convertible sold for two million$. The amount was also donated to Woodruff Foundation and the Boys and the Girls Club of America, the amount was divided between both. 

The Lexus CC 500 body structure covered with blue paint was the deepest blue in the market. It also features semi-aniline leather, which makes the car more unique. The exterior design is drop-dead gorgeous with a flat rear deck and a little ducktail. It also has wide wheel arches and haunches. Lexus CC 500 hits 2nd spot on our most expensive cars sold at Japan car auction house. 

Mazda 767B (1989)-1.75million

The age is a number, and Mazda 1989 proved it. At Amelia Island in 2017, Mazda 767B made a prodigy entrance at the Gooding and Company auction stage. At the auction, the car sold for 1.75 million$. The car wasn’t auctioned for charity, though, in the Japan car auction. This orange and green-looking car was the only Japanese manufactured which won Le-Mans in 1990. Mazda 767B was one of three 767B Endurance racers built. 

Mazda 767B is the potential performer at the Vintage racing competition. If you want to feel the enjoyable driving experience of Mazda, it can be possible on the racing tracks. The car wasn’t designed for standard drives, although the Japanese manufactured sermon designed for competition in the IMSA-spec GTP class, and it brings blockbusting success for them.

Acura NSX (2017)-1.2million

Barret-Jackson success does not stop here. They presented another amusing car, the Acura. The Acura NSX sold for 1.2 million$ in 2016 with VIN #001 at the Barret-Jackson auction. It is the production of the most diverse car manufacturer, Honda. The amount proceeded to Camp Southern Ground and Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Rick Hendrick, the owner of team NASCAR, won the rights to order the first production of NSX by placing the highest bid of 1.2 million. 

The Acura NSX can compete with cars like Porsche and the Audi R8. The interior design of the car is like Porsche and a bit of Audi R8. The Acura is an example of filter-down technology. The car has a cone as well, and it is the free steering. The steering shouldn’t be that free and light so that the car may change direction on a freeway bump and dip. The questions come to everyone’s mind is that the car worth it? The price is not only for the looks, but you are getting much more with it. Acura made no.4 spot on our most expensive cars sold at Japan auction house.

Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition (2012)- $918,500

This sports car is only 885 miles driven at the auction, the sportscar sold for $918,500 at the Barret-Jackson event. It is one of 50 LFA Nurburgring editing. It is the manufacture of Toyota between 2010 to 2012 under the brand name Lexus. This is the best-sounding sportscar you will ever witness; it has a triangle-shaped exhaust on the back, which makes it the cleanest sounding. 

Lexus LFA comes with a 560 horsepower 4.8 liter and V10 engine that revs from 0 to 9,000 in 6 seconds. It has fixed rear wing carbon fiber at the back with a 6-speed sequential manual gearbox. It doesn’t stop here; it also has a carbon roof, carbon monotube, plus a glass fiber side panel. It is comparable to Japan Bugatti Veyron, and indeed it is an imposing car ever build for people. 

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