How to Remove Super Glue from Car Paint?

how to remove super glue from car painthow to remove super glue from car paint

You were doing some DIY works in your garage and suddenly spill out a few drops of super glue on the car paint. You may have thought, it would come out if you try a bit. But Gosh! This was not the case.

The glue is permanently attached to the paint and you are now worried about the outlook of your car!Although super glues do some tremendous job when attaching different surfaces, they can do some serious damage when applied in the wrong place.

As you are looking for a solution, we’re here to guide you through the exact process by which you can remove super glue from the car paint. Stay with us!

1. Gather Essentials

The first step towards the goal is gathering the essential equipment by which you’ll be separating the glue from the car paint. Here are what you need-

  • A bucket of hot water
  • Wiping Rag
  • Acetone or Glue Remover
  • Paint (if things go wrong)

1. Soak it With Warm Water

Take a bowl of hot water and soak a rag in it. Now, wipe the surface with the rag thoroughly where the glue is.

Check whether the glue is coming out of the surface or not. Unless you see glue getting loose, soak the rag again in the hot water and place on the glued surface for a while. It should weaken the bonding between the glue and the paint. Check again if the glue can be removed by hand.

If you fail to remove the glue after trying this method 3 to 5 times, follow the next step.

2. Apply Super Glue Remover

Since glue remover and acetone, both can harm your car paint, be careful when applying them. Apply in an as small area as you can to minimize the risk.

Take a soft cloth and soak it with a small amount of acetone or superquglue remover. Wipe the glued surface fast until the glue is dissolved. If you can do the process fast, you will be able to eliminate the glue without harming the car paint.

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3. Repaint If the Paint Got Damaged

If you are not so lucky and got damaged the paint on the surface, you need to repaint that spot with the same color of the car. We recommend using a paint sprayer and a high-quality paint to get it done correctly.

When painting the spot, make sure to protect the surroundings of the spot with masking paper. Protecting the surroundings with 18 to 24 inches masking paper is what we recommend. You can see this video for a detailed guide on car paint spot healing-

4. Clean the Exterior

After following all the steps above, you need to clean the car exterior. Before cleaning the exterior, you need to ensure that the newly applied is dried fully. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the surface again.

Use a pressure washer with foam to clean the car so that you can get a shiny looking car after a while.

5. Apply Car Wax

Now that you have painted the surface, you should now see a clear difference between the newly painted surface and the old paint. To eliminate the difference and make the car look shiny again, you need to apply car wax and polish the surface thoroughly. Polish the newly painted surface more to get an even and blending color.

Final Thoughts

Removing super glue from car paint is not a hard thing to do when you know how to do things. But there are scopes to mess things up.

We recommend trying the warm water method first before you go for a risky option like acetone or glue remover. However, you can get away with acetone and glue remover without harming the paint by doing the work fast. You can’t allow the paint to soak the acetone and dissolve. You must be prepared for wiping out any leftover glue removing solvent from the surface as soon as the glue is dissolved. Doing this will protect the superglue remover from penetrating the car paint.

Table of Contents:1. Gather Essentials1. Soak it With Warm Water2. Apply Super Glue Remover3. Repaint If the Paint Got Damaged4. Clean the Exterior5. Apply Car WaxFinal Thoughts

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