Choose the Right Window Visors for Your Car [Pro Tips]

In terms of car upgrades, a window visor upgrade might not seem as cool as say, upgrading your spoiler or side skirt, but we firmly believe that they are actually super underrated.

While they may not be as in your face and flash as other mods, they are definitely a functional must-have for your wheels!

If you’re thinking about getting a set of window visors for your car, we’ve put together some handy information that you can use as a guide to make sure you get the right ones.

But before we jump right into our guide to window visors, first let us tell you why you should think about adding a set of window visors to your car.

window visor installation tips

Why You Should Install Window Visors

If you’ve never had a car with window visors, keep reading to learn about the benefits of having them on your car.

1.  Improved ventilation and fresh air

Even though most cars have a pretty great functioning air conditioner, sometimes it’s nice to actually feel some real fresh air. Not only does it feel nice, but it also helps to ventilate your car with some new fresh air rather than recirculating a lot of the air that is currently in your car.

Using your air conditioner less can also help you cut down on the costs of running your car too, as the air conditioner can increase the amount of fuel you use.

Another cool things about window visors is that even if the weather isn’t great, like if it’s raining, you can still enjoy the fresh air with open windows because the visors help to direct the rain away from your car – so you don’t need to worry about the interior of your car getting wet and you can still enjoy that fresh crisp air.

2.  Reduced wind noise

We all know that feeling of driving fast on the open road with the windows down. In our fantasies it means you’ve got fresh air flowing through your air and you can breathe in the sweet scent of the open road.

However, we also know the reality – in a car without window visors, the sound from the wind travelling into your car can be super loud that you can’t even hear your tunes.

But, with properly installed, high-quality window visors, you can enjoy the fresh air of the outside world and not have to deal with the same level of ear-popping noise. Quality window visors are designed to help direct the wind up and over the car instead of letting it come inside. So, you get the benefit of the outside temps, but you don’t have to suffer from the ridiculous noise of the wind!

3.  Keeps your windows mist free

It’s hard to avoid fog, especially when those temperatures dip in winter – but did you know that window visors actually help to prevent condensation building up, making it easier for you to see from the side windows when you’re driving.

So, now that you know about some of the benefits of window visors, let’s talk about the different kinds out there and what you need to think about when making your decision.

Factors to consider before buying your window visors

There are a number of factors to think about if you want to install window visors! To make it easy for you, we’ve broken it down to three key features that are the highest priority factors.

The type of window visors – you can either opt for universal window visors or custom-made ones. Both options are popular, but the universal ones are slightly more popular, especially for those who are new to window visors as custom ones can be expensive.

The vehicle fit – If you’re going to opt for universal visors, make sure you pay attention to the whether they are the right ones for your car. Often, they will be designed to suit specific car models – however, this is often pretty easy to identify the suitable car models on the packaging.

The durability – You want to make sure that you’re buying window visors that are high quality and made to last, because these babies are going to be exposed to all sorts of weather at all times. They do vary in quality so make sure you’re buying from a reputable brand and do your research!

The different kinds of window visors

Ok, so you know about universal and custom-made window visors, but did you know that there are then another two categories of window visors? These categories are related to how they are installed to your car and are called “Tape-on Window Visors” and “In-channel Window Visors”.  We’ve broken them down below to help make your decision easier.

Tape-on Window Visors

So, like the name suggests, tape-on window visors use pre-applied, automotive grade tape to attach them to the car’s frame. This tape is no joke, and not the kind you have at home. It is heavy duty and made to keep those visors on nice and tight.

Pros of tape-on visors

·   Simple installation – easily the biggest pro of these visors is that you can actually install them yourself and skip the professionals. Which can help save money and make you feel pretty accomplished at the same time.

·   They are attached to the frame of the car – this means that they don’t contact the windows, reducing your chance of the window glass being scratched.

Cons of tape-on visors

·   Difficult to remove – so, while this is definitely a benefit in a lot of ways, if you do change your mind and want to remove them, it’s not easy. Like we said, the tape used is serious stuff. And when you do manage to remove them, the left-over residue from the tape can be tricky to clean. It’s not a dealbreaker necessarily, just something to keep in mind.

In-Channel Window Visors

In-channel window visors are more about finding the right fit between the visors and the window channels. They don’t use adhesive, rather they are pushed into place.

Pros of in-channel window visors

·   Smooth looking – these style of visors look quite sleek because there is tape or any mounting equipment in sight, instead you get to enjoy the low profile.

·   Simple removal – these ones are a lot easy to uninstall, and because they don’t use adhesive, like the tape-on ones, your clean up job is minimal.

Cons of in-channel window visors

·   They can come loose and rattle – While this doesn’t happen to everyone, or right away. Some people have reported that after a year or two, they have found that their in-channel window visors have loosened and started rattling. This might be dependent on the quality of window visor that you buy.

·   Window scratching – If these ones are not installed properly, they can actually end up contacting the top portion of your car window’s glass. And if you’re opening your windows frequently – which if you’re considering window visors, you’re probably going to, this means that that top part of your window is going to get pretty scratched up.

If you’re thinking about installing window visors to your car, keep this handy guide as a reference – and remember – do your research!

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