Why Transmission Light is On? How to Turn it Off?

Many drivers disregard their dashboard warning lights when the transmission warning light is on. Some car models include a transmission warning light, while others include a general “check engine” light that can indicate an impending transmission failure.

Take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as those warning lights come on.

In this article, you will discover:

  • The common cause for Transmission light on RV
  • How to get rid of the transmission light

 Let’s get into it then!

why transmission light is on

4 Common Cause for Transmission Light

The Transmission Has Overheated

Transmission overheating is one of the most common causes of illuminated transmission light. 

What causes Transmission Overheating?

  • Low transmission fluid
  • Bad transmission fluid

How to fix overheating transmission

  • Fix any leak if there is any
  • Refill transmission fluid

Low Fluid Level

If there is insufficient fluid in your transmission, the system will detect the abnormal vehicle operation and illuminate the transmission light.

Causes of Low Transmission Fluid

  • Crack/puncture in the transmission pan 
  • Fluid line crack
  • Failure of the Torque converter
  • Failure of the axle seal

Fixing Costs

It will cost you between $80 and $250 to fix this issue.

However, if you do it alone, it might cost you between $50 and $100.

Shift Interlock Issues

Not always does transmission light indicate transmission problems.

In some BMWs, for example, the light may denote a problem with the shift interlock system—a feature that prevents a driver from shifting out of ‘park’ without depressing the pedal.

Causes of Shift Interlock Issues

  • Faulty brake light switch
  • Blown brake light fuse


Replace the auto-Trans Brake Shift Interlock Solenoid Replacement Cost

It could cost you between $95 and $119 to repair.

Problems With Torque Converters

A torque converter provides a fluid link between the transmission and the engine. 

A torque converter has a lockup clutch that conditionally connects the transmission and the engine

A faulty converter may split and contaminate the transmission in some cases. As a result of such issues, the transmission light may illuminate.

What can cause Torques Converter Issues?

  • Slipping or Shuddering
  • Excessive friction
  • Faulty seals
  • Faulty clutch solenoid


Replacing or servicing torque converters is recommended.

It is a bit more expensive to repair the converters. It could cost you between $600 and $1000. 

Meanwhile, a new torque converter costs between $150 and $350. A wise decision is necessary here.

Should you drive with your Transmission light on? 

The answer is No! 

Driving in this condition is not recommended. 

What to Do?

The transmission is one of the most expensive car parts to replace. It can sometimes be saved if the necessary repairs are made quickly. 

If your transmission light illuminates, you should fix it asap, either by yourself or bring it to a mechanic. 

How Do You Fix Your Transmission Light?

Consult the relevant manual to ensure that you are doing everything correctly.

A transmission OBD2 scan tool is an effective device for solving this problem. When you diagnose your car using the tool, it will display the fault codes behind the illumination of the lights.

Read the code displayed by the scanner, fix the problem, and boom, delete it.

Please note that since transmission light emanates from the transmission module, you will require an advanced OBD2 scanner (more than 30 bucks code reader). 

Cheap scan tools can generate codes only from the engine module, hence they cannot help you here.


Are your Transmission lights on? Fix it asap

Negligence is expensive.

Stay a step ahead and go for your routine maintenance appointments. The transmission light illuminates. It is a red light. The longer you wait, the more likely your transmission system will fail in a more serious and costly manner. 

You never want to go down that road and end up with a slew of headaches and massive repair bills.

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