Top 5 Waterproof Speakers for ATV [2021 Review]

The best ATV speakers are made to cut through the engine noise and produce clear, loud sound without being affected by outdoor elements. 

Your search is finally over because today we review 5 of the best waterproof speaker choices available that will allow anyone who spends time outside listening to their music or watching movies, an immersive audio experience while still maintaining full clarity no matter what’s going on around them – even if they’re at high speeds across rough terrain.

waterproof speakers for atv

With these five top picks for waterproof speaker models, you can take your entertainment experience with you on a ride in the great outdoors.

Because these speakers are designed to deliver the best sound quality in outdoor spaces. The drivers can even handle engine noise, and they produce deep bass that will make your favorite music come alive while you ride on an ATV.

1. Sound Storm BTB6 Waterproof Speakers

In the list of four wheeler speaker tube the Sound Storm BTB6 is on top. The Speaker has a built-in Bluetooth that streams music directly from your device or apps like Spotify and Pandora. Moreover, it can be used with MP3 players by using the 3.5mm auxiliary input jack on this speaker.

The waterproof speaker comes with poly-injection cones and tweeters that ensure you get crystal clear sound, plus a frequency response ranging from 45Hz to 25 kHz. Its vocal performances are breathtaking thanks to its high quality parts. 

The BTB6 ATV speakers are so powerful and have such a clear sound that music performances come out very crisp. Vocals, in particular, stand out on the speaker with great clarity. The BTB6 speakers are designed to enhance the music listening experience. 

It has crisp highs, punchy mids and a deep bass that will make your heart race with every beat. You’ll be able to feel each chord as they resonate through you; it’s hard not get lost in this kind of musical quality.

2. Boss Audio MC750B Waterproof ATV Speaker

The Boss Audio MC750B is the perfect speaker for those who want to wirelessly play their favorite music and videos. Beyond that, it can be used as a charging station in one’s home or office with its integrated USB port on each side of this sleek device (not available at any other Bluetooth speaker). And if you’re not sure what song will suit your mood best? No worries! You’ll have access to more than 15 million songs through Pandora, Spotify, Beats Music Connect–no wires needed.

We were thoroughly impressed and pleased with the sound output of these speakers. They are louder than we ever thought possible, have great range for hearing clear acoustics even at high speeds. With their small and compact size, they are easy to install on ATVs without any hassle or difficulty – which is especially appreciated because it saves us time! The only thing that could be improved would be a slightly stronger bass response (although adding in some sort of subwoofer will fix this).

The Boss Audio waterproof ATV speaker is perfect for all of your outdoor activities. It comes with a 3-year platinum warranty and has an IP67 rating, which means it’s protected against water up to 1 meter in depth or raindrops as heavy as 15 pounds per square inch.

3. Pyle Marine 800 Watt Waterproof ATV Speakers

The Pyle Marine 800 watt ATV speakers use high-frequency and low frequency waves to produce a powerful sound that is loud enough for anyone in the vicinity. At full engine throttle, these speakers never falters or cuts out any of the volume. The bass output produces deep, punchy sounds which adds extra intensity when listening music with them as campfire speakers.

These speakers are perfect for the outdoors. They feature multi-colored LED lights that flash and change color with 19 dynamic color changing modes in red, green, and blue which look really stunning. The speed of these flashing colors can be adjusted as well as the brightness from a remote control so they cycle through different speeds according to the beats of music you’re playing or listening too while also cycling through various other fun patterns. 

These 6.5” poly injection speaker cones come equipped with 1 inch titanium dome diaphragms making them perfect when it comes to sound projection because their unique tube design is maximized power output. The Pyle Marine 800 watt ATV speakers are some of the best in-vehicle audio systems on the market, offering a wide range of features to enrich your ride experience. These universal vehicle mounting capabilities and Bluetooth wireless music streaming make it easy for you to take control over your tunes – whether that’s through rain or sunlight. 

The weatherproof and water-resistant housing protects these robust speakers from outdoor elements such as heavy rains, intense heat waves, scorching sun rays; all without any loss in sound quality. With full-range stereo sound reproduction with dual 2-way audio system and builtin2 channel digital amplifier on board this unique tube design will ensure maximum voice projection so there is no question about hearing even those bass lines.

4. NOAM NUTV4 Quad Speakers

The NOAM NUVT4 Quad speakers will give you excellent sound while riding in your all-terrain vehicle (ATV). You can use its Bluetooth feature to stream music directly from your mobile devices. The four 2-way 4″ marine grade speakers are designed to stand up against the elements and also have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours for continuous playtime.

These ATV speakers are relatively easy to install and can be mounted on any roll bar with a size of 1.25” to 2” thick – the mounting pads are also included. The quality is unsurpassed, delivering crisp sound performance that will make you love riding your bike more than ever before.

The NOAM NUTV4 has been one of the best purchases we have made for our ATVs. The sound is so loud and clear that it will make your teeth rattle. Even when driving at full throttle, the noise from these speakers remains crisp and clean to ensure a high quality audio experience every time you hit those trails.

5. Pyle PLATV550BT Waterproof ATV Speaker

The Pyle PLATV550BT speakers are the perfect way to ensure that your ATV is ready for any type of environment. It comes with dual 6.5-inches 2-way speaker which offers heavy duty audio and sound quality while being ruggedized so it can withstand outdoor elements such as rain, snow, or dust without a problem.

The model also comes with marine-grade housing, which ensures durability and flexibility. It features a seamless Bluetooth streaming system that works well for iPad, Tablet, Android or iPhone. To get the speaker started all you need to do is supply power it; this speakers has an automatic 3.0 bluetooth connectivity.

The Pyle PLATV550BT has a pretty good sound quality and delivers enough volume to cut through engine rumbling noise. The speaker can produce 250 watts RMS of power with a peak power rating of 500 watts which is more than enough to rock the entire ATV. At high volumes, it does not distort or lose its crystal clear sound; you get consistent sounds that are never too loud for your ears – making them perfect music companions on any outing.


If you’re going to be turning up the tunes while driving your ATV this summer, make sure that there’s a waterproof speaker on board. What do you think about our listed 5 best waterproof speakers for ATV? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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