About John Baker

An average American spends over four years in his/her car in a lifetime. That’s what triggered me to get interested in cars and staff. Now, I love driving cars, repairing them, and spending my leisure modifying them!

Why Writing in SacredCar?

In the early stage of my life, I was not so interested in automotive and staff. After learning a lot of things related to cars and accessories, I started finding my interest in cars.

After a while, I realized that I actually love to go for a free ride in my car and I get excited when I see an awesomely modified car on the road. So, I have learned more and more until I got stuck in a problem and couldn’t find a solution to that on the internet. After testing a lot of things, I finally solved the problem.

When stuck in the problem, I have realized that the information on the internet is not abundant and I should share my experience so that people having the same problem can have their solution fast.

My Mission

My goal is to guide people in the right direction so that they do not get confused when they have any sort of problems relating to the car. I have researched a lot about automobile and now, I am researching more and more to provide accurate and specific solutions to the problems.

I will share car accessories reviews, buying guides, and other information to help you find the right product for the car.

Help Me Find the Right Direction

As I’m starting the blog out, I need your help. Share your problems with me so that I can enrich the blog more and more to give my visitors the data they need.

After all my efforts, there can remain irrelevant, vague, or incorrect information. If you see anything like that, please send a message.

With Thanks,

Sacred Car Admin