What to Know About Ceramic Coating For Cars in Brisbane?

According to statistics, about fifty-four per cent of households in greater Brisbane owned two or more vehicles in 2016, compared to the national average of fifty per cent in other Australian greater capitals.

This spike in car ownership has increased traffic congestion in Brisbane, with scores of residents relying on personal vehicles over public transport.

ceramic coating for cars in brisbane

Furthermore, the demand for new car ceramic coating in Brisbane has also risen ever since more city folks have started buying four-wheelers.

It is the best paint protection local applicators can offer residents, ensuring their new vehicles retain their sheen and shine for as long as possible.

If you have just bought a car or are thinking about investing in ceramic coating for an existing vehicle, refer to the following information to know more about this service in Brisbane.

Benefits it offers

In all of Queensland, including Brisbane, there are more vehicles registered than the number of qualified resident drivers plying them.

Reports show that there are currently over 3.8 million licensed drivers in Queensland, compared to over 4.4 million registered vehicles in the region.

Invariably, a significant number of these vehicle owners in Brisbane and the rest of Queensland invest in ceramic coating for their new and existing cars.

A primary reason is that this paint protection shields their vehicles against chemical corrosion in high-traffic areas like Bruce Highway, Cleveland Redland Bay Road, and Stanley Street.

Furthermore, the coating can effectively protect vehicles from the harsh Brisbane heat and UV rays, preventing the paint from chipping off easily.

It also makes the car considerably easier to clean and maintain as the vehicle does not retain much dust, debris, and grime. Even bird droppings and bug splatter can be quickly washed off the smooth surface.

Average cost

Typically, prices for a new car paint protection start from an average of $900 for one layer and about $1400 for double coating, depending on the size of the vehicle and the amount of coating used. It generally costs less for small cars.

For instance, small car (like Mazda) purchases are influenced chiefly by women in Australia, with them being involved in over eighty per cent of the total purchase decisions.

The cost of coating these can be done in less than a thousand dollars.

However, big cars like Toyota or Ford, which are highly popular in Brisbane and the rest of the country, might cost more.

To know the exact cost, you can find a reliable applicator in Brisbane and ask for a quote of the final service price, based on the make and model of your vehicle.

Reliable applicators 

Several reputable city professionals offer the best new car ceramic coating in Brisbane, providing vehicles with an effective layer of paint protection.

Renowned service providers have expanded their base to other esteemed cities like Perth and Sydney, offering a lifetime warranty for their service and products. Many will provide you with free cost estimates to understand how much it comes down to.

Besides cars, these Brisbane professional applicators provide paint protection for boats, aircraft, and other surfaces at affordable prices.

This enables city folks who own more than one vehicle to invest in multiple ceramic coating services for their automobiles.