A Guide to Install a Keyless Entry System in Any Car?

Installing a keyless entry system is not a venture for the inexperienced. These installations can be extremely complicated, with several functions in addition to keyless entry.

Most ford keyless entry systems have a burglar alarm, keyless entry, and other features. As each automobile brand and model has its own wiring system, having a schematic for your car can make the procedure go much more smoothly. 

You will be able to program the remote for specific functions as well. This should, however, be done at the very end of the assembly and wiring process. Before connecting the harness or central unit to the system, ensure all connections are fully functional. 

This post will provide you with the blueprint of the standard procedure for installing a keyless entry system in your car.

Determine the Type of Wiring System you Have:

Various types of wiring systems can be used for any keyless remote system. Before starting the installation process, find out what kind of system your car has and whether it is compatible with the keyless access system.

Reach the Cables Underneath:

To obtain access to the wires, unscrew the panels below the dashboard and steering column. It is also possible that the paneling beneath the driver-side kick panel will need to be removed. Identify the correct cables and strip away the black wire coverings to see the cables properly.

Based on the vehicle and keyless access system, the color-coding of the wires may differ. If you do not have a wiring schematic, check up on your car’s wiring diagram online. If you cannot retrieve the diagram, please contact the car manufacturer.

Preparing the Wires:

Remove the auxiliary, trim the cables down to around five inches, and connect them with the primary harness with any electrical tape if certain features aren’t used. This will ensure a clean and safe system when the installation is concluded. Bind together the cables that will be used, leaving about three inches at each tip to ensure proper connections.

Interconnect the Wires:

Remove a tiny section of the wires’ covering your car’s electrical harness. A relay is usually required to connect to the horn. Join the remote system’s cables to the naked section of the automobile wiring by stripping the terminals of the wires. Before connecting the car’s locking system, connect the ignition wire, park light, and primary power wire. It is best not to cut any of the automobile harness’s original cables.

Configure the Remote to Your Preferences:

After installing the system and ensuring all electrical connections have been secured, you can configure some of the ford keyless entry functionalities. The popular programmable features include door unlock pulse, ignition trigger feature, ignition-controlled door locks, and chirp mode. 

Summing Up:

Having a keyless entry system is a vital feature in modern cars. But installing one may soon become a nightmare if not handled properly. Hence, it is best to approach a person who has experience managing a car’s electrical system if you are new to the DIY installation world.