OEM Partnerships

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) create systems that are used as elements in the solutions of other organisations, which then provide the products to the purchasers. An OEM creates components for use in the final product of another business. An organisation uses components from one or more manufacturers to make one product that it then markets under its own brand name uses an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, agreement. 

The OEM partners’ solutions enable businesses to make substantial improvements to the basic programme to meet their unique requirements.

OEM collaborations are a cross-industry approach that allows businesses to create and integrate the intended technology. Giti already has OEM partnerships with a wide range of prominent manufacturers throughout the globe. The organization has received recognition from GM and many others.

Giti Tire’s OEM partnership with leading manufacturers 

One way to verify the integrity of Giti tires is to observe them in motion on automobiles from prominent global manufacturers. Tires are an extremely important part of any automobile since they are the only part that makes contact with the ground. Long-term OEM agreements need consistent product performance, endurance, safety, and a high-value proposition.

Giti Tire enters the year 2023 with the support of a broad range of automobile partners and OEM manufacturers. This encompasses the latest inclusion of additional model fitments to a wide range of vehicles and trucks in Europe and other parts of the world. Giti Tire fits over 660 car, truck, and bus models across the globe, including in Asia, the United States, Europe, and other countries.

Giti Tire maintains strong partnerships with various car industry leaders in Asia, Europe, North America, and worldwide, offering tires for 660 different vehicle models. Passenger car drivers all around the world may benefit from Giti’s trust in their new automobiles. This results in a pleasant and comfortable driving experience.

Below are a few of Giti’s most recent featured examples of new collaborations and models.

  • AA-Rated EU Label Tire for Volkswagen

The GitiSynergyH2 is Giti Tire’s first AA-rated EU-label tire, designed for OE installation on the VW Caddy 5, one of Europe’s most popular commercial vehicles. The 215/55R17 XL 98H size was chosen for the brand new tire, which was created and developed in Giti Tire’s European R&D centre in Hannover, and then tested at the company’s MIRA plant in the UK, as well as major facilities in Germany and Spain. 

The end result is an entirely redesigned tread compound that gives considerable increases in wet and dry safety. The improved pattern architecture provides accurate and steady handling performance as well as a noticeable increase in aquaplaning resistance.

  • Renault Models: Dacia Sandero and Logan 

The GitiSynergyE1 has been accepted as an OE fitment for the latest Dacia Sandero and Logan models, further strengthening Giti Tire’s tight partnership with Groupe Renault. The GitiSynergyE1 is a tire that uses the company’s next-generation technology and innovative solutions. This is to provide low rolling resistance while maintaining ride safety and comfort on wet and dry surfaces.

  • Development of the VW Crafter light truck

The GitiVanHD1 tire has been chosen for the award-winning VW Crafter, making it Giti Tire’s debut European light commercial vehicle OE fitment. The GitiVanHD1 has a new generation of tread compound for wet grip and mileage, as well as a strengthened sidewall structure. It also offers a sturdy shoulder block structure for steady performance under high loads.

  • Extending Application with Proton

Following the provision of Giti Comfort SUV520 tires for the Proton X70, Giti has been appointed as the OE tire provider for the new Proton X50 SUV in Malaysia. In both wet and dry circumstances, the Giti Comfort SUV520 strikes the perfect blend of ultimate comfort and stellar performance. AdvanZtech tire silence technology is included in the Giti Comfort SUV520, which uses advanced computer calculating methods to provide the most optimum pattern design while minimising driving noise.

AdvanZtech is a unique and sophisticated technology used by Giti Tires that makes a difference in crucial aspects of the driving experience.

Perks of OEM partnerships

There are several benefits to partnering with OEM companies; the following are some of the most important ones:

Products of superior quality: The majority of businesses choose to work with OEM companies since the solutions they provide are of exceptional quality.

Streamlined services: OEM companies are well regarded for their effective services, which have helped them gain popularity and extend their consumer base.

Cost-effective: OEM-versioned items will be marketed at a lower cost; taking advantage of this brings greater benefits, and partnering with these firms delivers a greater return on investment.


The importance of building partnerships with manufacturers is evident. Drivers are introduced to Giti’s tires while purchasing new automobiles and are able to test the quality personally, increasing awareness and support for Giti.