Can You Use a Truck Tent with a Tonneau Cover?

If you want to make your truck tonneau cover usable for camping, then a truck tent can be a reliable solution. Today we will discuss the feasibility on, Can you use a truck tent with a tonneau cover?

We can use a truck tent with a tonneau cover to make a comfortable resting place behind your truck.

truck tent with a tonneau cover

Going camping will be an excellent place to spend your night, and you can set it up with less hassle.

Only select a truck tent with a low profile and less ground clearance that will be perfect for your use. Try it if you are not comfortable with a tent set up on the ground.

We will discuss the topic more and know the ins and outs in detail.

How to set up a truck tent on a tonneau cover?

The installation process is easy for us. We will tell you how you can do it yourself following the below steps.

  1. Place the tent behind the truck bed and open the tailgate for easy setup. Then trip the truck tent over the tailgate and put the strap under it.
  2. Expand the tent on the truck back and fit the front corner with the truck cabin. Then attach the C Straps with the lower outer lip of the truck bed as instructed in the manual. Cover the entire area.
  3. Now you open the tent door and close the truck tailgate. Then use the orange thread on the floor bed and strap it.
  4. Here, open the tailgate and ensure that every side strap is tied adequately with the side hooks. We have to ensure that for sturdy construction, the shape of the tent will not be perfect. The ground attachment clips should be taken through the tailgate gap and attached under the truck bumper. Here ensure the orange strap is correctly connected with the side rails.
  5. In this step, attach the strap A and B with the lower upside lip and fix the straps A, B and C here. Note that the inner straps should be appropriately connected with the top outside rails. Put the side flaps of the tailgate behind the bumper and tie the strap D with A to make a strong bond.
  6. There are three poles covered with gray marking and should be under orange poles. Then raise these poles and put them in the pole pockets matching the color. Similarly, you have to fix the gray poles accordingly with the clips.
  7. Then fix the internal flaps under the orange straps on the truck’s bed. And also, insert slacks if needed.
  8. Finally, adjust all the straps and manage inner side flap seams according to the instruction manual with the truck bed rails.

The above process will help you to install your truck tent. It is not complicated; you will also get an instruction manual with the tent to guide you.

There are some fundamental differences between the truck tent and the tonneau tent kit. So, use it wisely.

Truck Tent

Benefits of using a truck tent on a tonneau cover

It is not always comfortable to make a tent while on a journey or camping. So, you require a safer place. Your tent on the tonneau cover will help you stay safe and comfortable and have enough space for the night’s halt.

In a few cases, you will not find ground for camping and no suitable place while traveling, so it can be an excellent solution for your night stay. Also, it will keep you away from harmful insects and animal attacks. These instant truck bed tents can become your temporary home anywhere.

Disadvantages of using a Truck tent on a tonneau cover

There are some crucial issues that we should keep in our mind with benefits. Generally, we cannot use a tent while we are driving. Never drive your truck with an installed tent; if you do, the tent will be no more. Also, your vehicle will not go well and can have unexpected maneuvers.

Further, since the tent may cover part of the vehicle plate, it may prevent some license plate readers from correctly decoding your license plate, disgruntling some camping grounds.

Things to check before buying a Truck tent you want to use

Not all the truck cover designs and models will not suit use on a tonneau cover. Check the specification and design of tents that work on a tonneau cover. Also, the height and structure are different from conventional tents, so find a suitable model.

Some FAQs

Do Truck Tents work with a tonneau cover?

You can use a truck tent with a low profile and less ground clearance on the tonneau cover.

Can you put a tent in the bed of a truck?

Yes, you can set up a tent in the bed of a truck according to the truck bed size. Just match the specification and set up a similar model of tent that fits your truck bed.

Final Words

We have had a fruitful discussion on, can you use a truck tent with a tonneau cover? We also have discussed the installation process, benefits, and other issues to make it clear for you, and now you can take the necessary measures about it.