What is Saskatchewan Government Insurance and Finding an Approved Repair Shop

Vehicle collisions are a reality. With so many cars on the roads, accidents are bound to happen. Due to the severity of car collisions, compounding factors such as speed, weather conditions, and inattention to road signs could turn what would have otherwise been a minor accident into something much more devastating.

According to reports, during the fourth quarter of 2020, there were nearly 234,700 auto repair and maintenance centers in the US.

Although the number of auto shops has increased, finding a trusted shop with a good reputation can be difficult. Because there are more repair shops to choose from, many more people have been injured due to faulty repairs.

In Saskatchewan, the government insurance company is Saskatchewan Government Insurance or SGI. SGI ensures all vehicles are registered in the province, except motorcycles and mopeds.

A Saskatchewan collision repair shop will cover damages or injuries resulting from a vehicle collision if an insured party is responsible for causing the accident. The following article will explain what SGI is and how to find a Saskatchewan collision repair shop that is accredited.

What is SGI?

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) is an insurance provider in the province of Saskatchewan. The insurer was established in 1945, making it one of Canada’s oldest public insurance companies. 

SGI offers vehicle insurance policies for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The company is fully funded by its premiums and investments and does not receive any provincial or federal government money.

SGI also offers insurance for horses, caravans, off-road vehicles such as ATVs/UTVs, watercrafts such as boats and jet skis, and snowmobiles. It is essential to note that SGI does not insure homes, farmhouses, or land.

Benefits of Choosing an SGI Collision Repair Shop

There are many benefits to choosing a Saskatchewan collision repair shop that is accredited. Some of these benefits include:

1) You Can Get Your Vehicle Repaired Faster

When you go to an SGI accredited repair shop, your vehicle is more likely to be repaired faster than if you take it to a non-SGI collision center.

Certified shops are familiar with the system and know when dealing with claims. These centers also have guaranteed quality standards that must be met by the technicians who work on your vehicle.

2) You Can Get More Money for Your Repairs

Repairs are usually more costly at a non-SGI collision center due to their lack of prizing standards. These shops are not held accountable in the same way that SGI accredited shops are.

3) Your Vehicle Will Be Covered

At an SGI accredited center, your vehicle is repaired under the terms provided in your contract. It ensures you are covered in the case of future problems resulting from the repairs made to your car.

4) Your Vehicle Will Be Safe After Repairs

When choosing a shop that meets SGI’s certified standards, you can be confident that it meets specific quality guidelines. Repair technicians must undergo thorough training and testing before working at a certified shop.

To ensure your vehicle is repaired safely, SGI offers three different types of repairs:

1) Structural Repairs – where the frame is bent or damaged substantially.

2) Collision Repairs – minor to moderate damage and damage that results in the replacement of any lights or panels to repair dents or chips.

3) Minor Repairs – only paint is required to make the vehicle look new again. These are typically done at non-accredited shops.

Finding a Saskatchewan Accident Repair Shop

Because there are several benefits associated with choosing an SGI collision repair shop, the following article will explain how to find a certified one.

1) Ask Your Insurance Provider

Your insurance company can recommend a Saskatchewan collision repair shop if you have collision insurance. If your insurer suggests a shop, make sure to get a written quote from them before going. You should also ask the shop about their technicians’ experience and training, in addition to the cost of repairs.

2) Ask Neighbors and Friends

Word of mouth is another good way to find an SGI accredited repair shop. Ask friends, family members, and neighbors if they know of any shops offering guaranteed repairs at a reasonable price. You can contact your insurance provider for additional suggestions if no nearby options are available.

3) Look Online

The Internet is another resource that can help you find an SGI accredited repair center. Customers who have used a particular shop may share their opinions with others by posting reviews on reputed sites. You can also visit SGI’s website to get more information about choosing an approved shop.

4) Get Quotes from Accredited Shops

Finally, get quotes from at least three shops before choosing a collision center. Take the time to compare estimates and incentives, such as trade-in value for your vehicle. It’s also important to know what repairs are included in each quote, which you can o by asking questions before accepting any offers.

You can use these ideas to find an SGI accredited shop near you.