How to Get Rid of Water Spots on Car Within Minutes!

get rid of car water spotsget rid of car water spots

Water spots appear on surfaces because of the mineral content present in the water. The quality of the water by which you clean the car and the area you live in plays a vital role in leaving spots on your car.

Hard water is behind these spots. So, the harder the water is, the more water spots you’ll see on your car paint.

Although there is no way you can escape from these spots as the rainwater also carries minerals and other stuff that causes the spot.

And as you should’ve already tried and failed, water does not go away after the ordinary soapy wash. So, here in this post, we’ll guide you through the 4 different ways by which you can safely remove water spots from your car paint within a moment. Stay with us!

1. Remove Hard Water Spots from Car Using Clay Towel

To apply this method, you need to have a clay towel and a no-rinse shine spray bottle. Spray the no-rinse shiner on the surface and rub the surface with the clay towel firmly to remove the water spots.

Clay towel can remove low to moderate density water spots from the car paint up to 80%. So, after applying this method, you may see a few water spots left on the surface that were not cleaned.

2. Water Spot Removal by White Vinegar

Distilled vinegar is another material that you can use to remove the water spots. Spray the vinegar on the car paint, wait a minute or two to let the vinegar sit on the surface and wipe it firmly with a microfiber cloth.

This is the least effective method of removing the water spots from the car, according to my experience and study. So, don’t expect much after applying this formula. However, if the water spots are mild, you should be able to remove them with the vinegar quite easily.

3. Remove Water Spot from Car Paint using MDR

MDR, aka Mineral Deposit Remover, is the third thing that you can apply on the car paint to get rid of the water spots. The result of this method is almost similar to the clay method but is safe for use.

Take a bottle of MDR, pour a bit of it on a scrubber, and scrub the spotted surface with it firmly to eliminate most of the hard water spots from the car paint.

However, you can’t leave the surface untreated after applying MDR. So, clean the surface with ordinary soap or car cleaner to get rid of the MDR residues left on the surface.

4. Wheel Acids to Remove Water Spots

The last but the most effective method of water spot removal from car paint is applying wheel acid. Yes, you read it right, wheel acid can remove almost 100% of the water spots from the car within a minute.

However, as the name suggests, wheel cleaning acids are made of acid & other stuff that can be hazardous to humans and your car, if wrongly applied.

For applying this, take safety precautions first. Wear a respirator, safety goggles, and hand gloves to be safe from the droplets of the cleaner.

Now, mix water and wheel acids in a sprayer bottle following the 2:1 formula. 2 portion water with 1 portion wheel acid.

After the preparation, take a thick towel or scrubber and spray the mixer on it. Rub the surface with the towel to get rid of the water spots.

You must be very cautious when dealing with wheel acids. Check the owner’s manual of the car to check whether the paint will withstand the wheel acid. And importantly, don’t spray the mixer directly on the surface as the mixer can burn plastic materials, windshields, and windows.

Final Thoughts

Eliminating water spots from the car exterior is very hard when you don’t the exact material that can eliminate them. To give you a proper overview of the fact, we’ve talked about 4 different materials, and recommend you to apply one by one to see what works best for you.

However, recheck all the information we have provided here with your vehicle manufacturer and apply it at your own risk. SacredCar.Com won’t take any responsibility for damage that occurred to you and your property.

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