How to Jump Start a Car Without Another Car?

how to jump start a car

When you own a car, you need to be prepared for some inevitable problems. One of those is- dead battery. In most cases, you’ll face this problem when you’re in a hurry or concentrating on some serious works. But God may love to test the temperament of the people.

If you’re in trouble with a dead battery and nothing is igniting your car engine, you may need to jumpstart the car to get it running.

There are different ways that you can follow to jump-start a car. In this article, we’ll share with you how to jump-start a car with and Without a Car when you have dead batteries.

How to Jump Start a Car without another Car

You can follow two different methods to jump start your car without any help from other vehicles.

1. Jump Starting the Car Using a Jump Box

This is the most convenient and straightforward method to jump start your car. Follow these steps to get your car wheels running-

i. Shut off all electric accessories

Turn all the car accessories off when you need to take the help of the portable jump starter. The jump box will energize your car battery to ignite the engine. If you leave any power-consuming accessories on, it may consume a lot of energy making it difficult for you to jump start the car.

So, check the radio, sound system, interior lighting, headlights, and any wires and adapters that are plugged in. Turn all of them off.

ii. Put the car on parking or neutral

After shutting things off, you need to move the gear to the ‘neutral’ or ‘parking’. And one more thing, make sure to activate the parking brake.

As you are almost ready, open the hood to connect the cables.

iii. Connect the Jump Starter

Now, connect the red cable with the positive terminal. The positive terminal should be colored red or have a ‘+’ sign with it. And the black one will go with the negative terminal. The sign of the negative terminal is ‘-’.

After connecting the jump box with the car battery, turn the jump box switch on and leave it connected for 5 minutes to allow the car battery to get charged from the box.

iv. Turn Ignition on

Now, get into the car and take the driving seat. Turn the ignition ‘On’ and start the engine normally. But make sure to remain on ‘neutral’ or ‘parking’ gear. You have more work to do.

v. Disconnect to Drive

You now need to disconnect the jump box to start driving towards the destination. Get out of your car leaving the engine running as it is. Turn the jump box switch off and carefully disconnect the cables from the terminal.

You are now good to go! I wish you a safe ride.

2. Push Start Method to Jump Start Manual Transmission Vehicle

This method is only recommended for manual transmission cars. If you have an automatic one, we recommend following the first method for safety.

i. Prepare the Car

Turn the Ignition key ‘On’ & shift the gear to the 2nd one. You’ll need two or more men to push the car. So, before you do anything, convince some people to give your car a push.

ii. Push the Car

As you follow the first step, now tell them to push the car. When it gets momentum, release the clutch pedal and the engine should start. If you are new in this method, you may need to try multiple times to get the car moving on its own.

How to Jump Start a Car With Another Car Safely

When you have a car, you must know this method to get your car moving when the battery is dead in a remote location. The method is similar to the method we’ve discussed above under the heading ‘Jump Starting the Car with a Jump Box’. You need to get assistance from a kind-hearted car owner to move your car.

1. Take Jumper Cables

For this to work, you must have high-quality jumper cables in your car to connect it with another car. Low gauge jumper cables are the best. And we recommend getting long cables so that you can connect your vehicle with another one keeping both of them in a safe distance.

2. Put in Neutral or Park

Now, get into the car and turn every accessory off. You need to shut off everything that gets power from the battery.

And put the car in neutral or in parking. For your information, this is for both vehicles. You need to put both of them in parking or neutral mode and turn every accessory off. And leave both the car with parking brakes activated.

3. Connect the Cables

Open hoods of both of the cars and take the jumper cables. Connect the red clamps in the positive terminal of both of the vehicles. When it comes to the black cable with black clamps, we have got a trick for you!

Connect one black clamp with the negative terminal of the working battery and connect the other end of the cable with an unpainted metal surface. See the video for better understanding-

4. Start the Working Car

After connecting the clamps in the right position, get into the driving seat of the working car, and start the engine. Let the engine run for around 2 to 5 minutes. The amount of time you need to keep the working engine running depends a lot on the weather. If it is cold, it will take longer to be able to jump start the disabled car. But in summer, it should work within 5 minutes.

5. Try Starting the Dead One

Now, leave the working car and get into the disabled one. Put the key in the hole and try to ignite the engine. If you follow everything carefully, it should start. If not, recheck all the connections. You may have put the clamp on the terminal covering or on a dirty battery terminal that prevents current from passing through.

Either way, ensure that the connections are good and you have followed every step carefully. Your car will start in minutes!

Final Words

As you end up reading this, you already know three different methods of jump starting the car. Among the three methods, you can do one without any help from other people, one requires two or more men to push your car and the last one require a working car to give your car a little boost.

When following our instructions, be careful to check whether every step fits your car or not. Double-check the information given in this article with the owner’s manual of your car. And finally, try everything at your own risk.

Wish you good luck!

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