How To Test a Car Speaker? Is it Blown Out?

test car speaker if it is blown out

Speakers in the car are integral parts of our life. Can you think of a long drive without the speakers running? I bet, not. That’s why any inconsistency in sounds makes us worried. Is my speaker just blown out or is it just a glitch?

In this article, I will share with you the proven method by which you can determine whether you have a healthy speaker or it just has blown out. Stay with us!

Why Are My Car Speakers Cracking?

Cracking sound in the speakers is a common problem that a lot of people face. Many people think that their speakers are just blown out as they make cracking sound. But in most of the cases, it is a minor connection problem.

When the wire connecting the amplifier with the speaker driver becomes loose, it produces cracking sound due to the lack of power.

How to tell if My Speaker is Blown Out?

Whether my car speakers are blown out or not is a question that we encounter most. This is because the problem does not happen regularly and people are not accustomed to it. So, we have outlined some of the symptoms of a blown-out speaker. Check if these matches with your one-

If you are experiencing no sound at all from the speaker, the speaker may be blown out. This problem can arise out of other reasons also like disconnected power or problem in the speaker switch. But it is a symptom of a blown speaker also.

The second most common symptom of a blown-out speaker is buzzing or distorted sound. Hear your speaker at the low-mid sound. If you don’t get what you are hearing other than ‘ZzzzzHhhRR’ sound, then there is a solid reason to think that you have blown out speakers.

Another common thing you’ll experience with a damaged speaker is significantly low volume. Try to increase the volume at its peak and compare it with your previous experience. If you see that the volume is not increasing, then it’s probably because of a blown-out speaker.

When a healthy speaker makes the sound, it creates a decent amount of vibration. You’ll feel vibration because of the electromagnetic field inside the speaker. If you see that there are no bass in the speaker and it is not vibrating, it may have blown out recently.

Why My Speaker Blown Out?

Now that you know whether your speaker is blown out or not, here are some common reasons behind a blown-out speaker-

Running the speaker at its peak volume for a long time can blow it up. So, we recommend using speakers at medium to mid-high levels. And shut it off for 5 minutes after running it for an hour so.

A short circuit in the speaker is another reason for a blown speaker. Short circuits inside the car speaker happen because of the build-up of heat and melting the wire down. If the wire melts and disconnects, then you are one of the few luckiest who gets away with a simple wire repair. But in most cases, short circuits happen in the speaker itself leaving your speaker useless.

Can I Repair a Blown Out Speaker?

Yes, you can repair most of the blown-out speakers but it is not worth spending hundreds of bucks of repairing a damaged speaker. This is because it will not provide the quality anymore it used to provide you before.

And in many cases, the speaker blows out because of the defective lines and machines in the speaker. After repairing the speaker, those defective parts can cause the same problem again within a few weeks. So, we recommend getting a new speaker replacing the old one to get a stress-free long drive.

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