4 Reasons Why Ceramic Coatings is a Must for Your Car

As an average consumer, you would be taking your car for extensive car washes at least once every two weeks. But, you might not know that washing your car regularly and buffing your car can tamper with your car’s paint job quality. 

The uppermost layer will start fading if you regularly get the car pressure washed. It will develop micro scratches from the pressure of the water and the roughness of the cloth used to clean the car, and over some time, the car will start to look dull. 

why use ceramic coating on car

So, if you are looking for an alternative to keep your car shining, getting a ceramic coating from a place like ceramic pro for your car is the best way to protect its paint job—these coatings bond with the uppermost layer of the paint to form a water abrasive surface. 

As a result, any kind of mud, dust, dirt, or debris that accumulates in your car will wash right off by using low-pressure water on your car. Furthermore, the coatings effectively hide the imperfection or micro scratches in the paint job. 

You can opt for a coating that is either semi-permanent or permanent, and the quality majorly depends on the quality of polymers in the coating. So, you should visit a detailing centre that provides the best quality coatings for cars. 

If you are still sceptical about getting the ceramic pro coating on your car, then here are some reasons why you must consider it. 

1. Protects the paint job from harmful UV rays. 

Unless you park your car in a covered garage or basement, there are high chances that UV rays will ruin the paint on the bonnet and the car’s roof. Due to heat and direct sunlight, the paint from these areas starts to chip and exposes the discoloured layers underneath. This will make the car look dull, and it gives off the impression that you do not maintain your car. 

But, ceramic coatings effectively protect your car from the harmful UV rays and prevent the paint from fading. 

2. Protection from moisture. 

Moisture is the worst enemy of your car’s paint as it slowly accumulates in the tiny cracks of your car and eats away the paint from the base layer. In addition to being harmful to your car’s paint, moisture can also be harmful to your car’s body. 

But, ceramic coatings form a water abrasive layer on the car’s exterior, and the water will wash right off the paint without accumulating over the exterior. 

This will protect the paint from fading and protect the body of the car in the long term. 

You will see fewer signs of rust on the body of your car when you opt for a ceramic pro coating. It is especially beneficial if you live in coastal areas. 

3. It makes the car easier to clean.

The dirt, debris, and mud will stick to a car longer if it is not coated with ceramic. Conversely, little to no dust will settle on your car’s ceramic coating. 

This makes the car easier to clean. You may not even require heavy-duty pressure washing or regular shampooing for your car. Simply cleaning the car with a damp cloth will do the job. 

4. It makes the paint shine.

As a result of micro-scratches and other imperfections in the paint, the car might start to look dull. However, when you get a ceramic coating on your car, it will act as an upper layer on the paint and make the paint look more glossy by reducing the visibility of micro-scratches and imperfections. 

These are some reasons that make ceramic coating a viable option to protect your car’s paint.