Why Leasing A Van For Your Next Road Trip Is A Great Idea

We all have the dream of getting in a van and driving on an open road, to a beautiful destination. With websites like Lease Loco, you can make it a reality! Lease a van for your next road trip. 

Leasing a van is as easy as filtering your search with your price range, and your time frame and then finally choosing the van that suits you. 

Let us look into why van leasing is a great idea. 

What do I need to lease a van? 

Firstly, find a reputable leasing company that has affordable leasing options to best suit your needs. Lease Loco is the UK’s leading comparison site for leasing vehicles. Giving you up to 48 car brands to choose from. 

All you need is to be 18-years or older, have a valid UK driver’s license and pass the necessary credit checks. 

Fill in your lease spec and the site’s algorithm will do the rest for you. Providing you with leasing deals from service providers who offer the best pricing options. 

Is it cost-effective to lease a van for your road trip?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it solely depends on the model of the van you choose, how long you will be leasing it for, your destination and the amount you pay as the initial payment. 

This does not, however, mean that it is not cost-effective to lease a car. There are many financial benefits to leasing. Especially, for a road trip. 

Choosing a vehicle that serves all its needs. Like space, reliability, low maintenance and low fuel consumption while not being too “fancy” of a brand will significantly decrease your costs. Leasing at the right time, to fit with the deals or discounts offered will also decrease your costs. 

Lease Loco has a great feature where you can plan. Add your van of choice to your “garage” and Lease Loco will contact you when the price of the vehicles you have chosen has dropped! 

Leasing a van vs driving your own

The biggest factor with leasing a van for a road trip is that you do not have to drive your vehicle. Imagine having a small, everyday car and going on a week-long road trip with a few of your group of friends or your immediate family. With everyone cramped in your tiny car! 

Road trips, especially long ones, require space and a lot of it! You have luggage, humans, sometimes baby humans, food and so much more. It is best to lease a vehicle that can accommodate everyone travelling with you comfortably. To avoid the risk of any kind of road trip grumpiness. 

You also avoid the risk of damaging your car. Think about whether your vehicle can drive long distances or on different terrains. Whereas most vans are more capable to do so. Think about your mileage and how a long-distance trip may add to it. If you are an owner of a luxury vehicle, would it be viable for you to be driving it on a road trip?

Then there is the weather, vans are more capable of driving for long distances in bad weather. The final and probably the most fun part about not using your vehicle is that you get to test the features of the van! 

With all of this in mind, leasing is a better option. 

Advantages of leasing a van

  • It offers more space – Each individual in the vehicle will have ample space to be comfortable with separate space for luggage
  • Has seats for more people – You can invite more friends, add extended family or even your pet as a van has more seating space to accommodate everyone. 
  • Be on your own time – Your road trip schedule becomes more flexible when leasing a vehicle. You can take longer stops and see more sites on the way. 
  • It is a safer option – You avoid the risks of driving a car that is not equipped for long distances. A leased vehicle is either a new or a well looked after secondhand vehicle.


Leasing a van for a road trip is a good idea. It allows for opportunities to create an experience on your trip that is completely up to you. 

You have more seating space, you get to avoid the risks that come with using your car and you get to spend more time with the people you are travelling with. With Lease Loco your experience of hiring a van is an easy one, with affordability and you and your needs in mind.