Best Car Scratch Removers Reviewed in 2023

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Seeing the dream car getting ugly hurts. Despite all the care you give to the car, you’ll see scratches and marks on your car interior trim after a few months of usage. This happens because of the ordinary wear and tear of the car.

As the marks and scratches appear very easily, it is easy to remove also. In this little guide, we’ll guide you through the way to remove scratches from car interior plastic without spending hundreds of bucks. Stay with us!

Two popular methods are available for you to get back the original look of your car interior plastic. We’ll go one by one.

Remove Scratches from Car Interior Plastic with Plastic Restorers

This method will only work if you have minor hairline scratches on your plastic trim. You need to buy high-quality plastic and vinyl scratch remover and use it. Here is the common process unless the product label instructs you otherwise-

Get the scratch removing solution and pour it in the wiping cloth provided with it. If the product does not come with a cloth, use a microfiber cloth. Allow the cloth to absorb for a second and gently rub against the plastic surface where the scratches appeared.

Keep wiping the surface with the cloth until the solution is absorbed into the surface and you see no visible scratches.

This is the easiest way to remove scratches from plastic but works only in minor scratches. Most of these products do not restore scratches that are deep or wide.

Remove Scratches from Car Using DIY Kit Available at Your Home

This is the most effective way to remove scratches from car interior plastic. But requires you to be very cautious to have a successful restoration.

Things You’ll Need

  • Heat Gun
  • Sandpaper
  • Car Interior Cleaner
  • Grain Pad

Step 1: Use a car interior cleaner to remove dust and debris from the surface from where you are going to remove scratches and marks. Skipping this will ruin your effort as the heat will fix the dust on the plastic surface making it uglier than ever.

If you have a portable vacuum cleaner, use that first to remove dust from the surface and then apply a car cleaning solution to get the best result. After cleaning the surface, wait until the surface completely dries out.

Step 2: Apply heat on the scratched plastic with a heat gun keeping it at its medium power. Be cautious when using a heat gun as too much heat can burn and warp the plastic. Keep heating at medium power until you see the surface is becoming soft. In this process, you should see the surface getting smooth and scratches are eliminating from the plastic.

Step 3: Press the grain pad against the heated surface softly to acquire the texture of the plastic. Do it as soon as possible. Waiting too long before following this step can allow the surface to harden. In such circumstances, you’ll find it difficult to get back the texture you want.

Step 4: After texturing the surface, you should see some visible ups and downs on the surface because of the uneven pressure of your hand. Use very fine-grit sandpaper to softly rub against those visible lines to make things smooth and good looking.

Step 5: Use vacuum cleaner again and then the car interior cleaner to remove dust from the surface. Cleaning will shine it up and make the surface look gorgeous like new. When doing the final clean up, clean the whole car. It will give the car a fresh and energetic look once again.

Tips to Avoid Scratches in Car interior Plastic

  1. As you have now got away with scratches on your car interior plastic, you should be careful to avoid future scratches on the same spot. Here are some pro tips to avoid scratches in car interior-
  2. Keep a Car interior cleaner in your car and use it regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust and debris on the surface. Most of the time, scratches appear because of the dust.
  3. Don’t scrub the car when cleaning or doing any other work. Scrubbing it will make the top layer of the surface weak and eventually, it will become more scratch-prone.
  4. Avoid bringing abrasive materials like sand, stone, steel into the car interior. These materials are enemies to the plastic. You’ll see scratches here and thereafter keeping these materials inside the car, especially on the plastic surfaces.

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