Best Jumper Cables Reviewed in 2023

best jumper cables reviews

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Picking up the right pair of jumper cables is important for jump-starting the car in emergencies. For making you capable of buying the right jumper cables, here are the criteria that we follow for buying the best jumper cables for the car-

1. Get Small Gauge Jumper Cable

For getting the best result, you need to get thick jumper cables. The thickness is measured in gauge when it comes to jumper cables. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the cable. So, small gauge jumper cables are what you need to aim at.

Generally, 5 gauge jumper cables are for an average car, and 2 gauge cables are for heavy trucks.

2. Get 100% Copper Cable

Copper cables are the best conductor of electric current. So, you need to get 100% copper core jumper cables for your car. You’ll find cheap jumper cables that are made by mixing copper and aluminum or other cheap materials. Those cables are not as good as 100% copper core cables. So, we recommend avoiding those cheap options.

Other benefits of copper cables are that these are durable, come with better flexibility, and safest. Copper’s melting point is higher than other cheap materials and thus, the wire won’t get damaged in minor malfunctions.

3. Insulation of the Jumper Cable

Like the core, the insulation of the cable is also an important factor to consider. You’ll see two insulation in jumper cables, non-conductive insulation around the core, and an outer sheath for fire, chemical, and oil resistance.

Good quality insulation is needed for safe use of the jumper cables. If you get cables with low-quality insulation, the risk of a burnt wire increases. So, don’t get a poor quality product only to save a few bucks.

4. Get Quality Clamps

For heavy-duty jumper cables, you need good quality clamps. If you get a cable in which a portion is made of poor quality material, it becomes weaker and increases the risk of heating, melting, and burning.

So, get jumper cables that come with good quality alligator clips so that it can withstand the current passed through it to jump-start the car.

5. Warranty

For jumper cables, we recommend going the products that assure you by giving a certain warranty. Generally speaking, products with a warranty are mostly come in better quality compared to the products that do not offer a warranty.

So, it is the thing that can assure a person buying jumper cables for the first time.

6. Clear Instruction Manual

Connecting the right cable at the right point is a crucial thing to do when jump-starting a car. The general rule, connect the positive clamp to the positive terminal and negative clamp to the negative terminal of the battery.

Positive is indicated by plus (+) sign, and the negative with a minus (-). Another great way to find the right spot to connect the clamp is by seeing the color of the cable and the terminal. The red clamp should be connected with the red terminal and the black one with the black.

Connecting a positive clamp with the negative terminal can result in a short circuit and can burn your car. So, be very cautious when connecting.

7. Storage Bag

As the jumper cables are not for ordinary use and you won’t require them in months probably, you should get cables with storage bag for keeping them in good condition for a long time. Leaving the cables in your toolbox without proper storage can damage the wire and eventually, you’ll not get the result for which you have bought the cable.

8. Length of the Cable

When buying jumper cables, get long cables so that you can reach another car or the jump starter easily. Long cables will allow you to be more mobile. With long cable, you can keep the other car in a safe distance.

Another great feature of having long cable is that you can repair and reuse the cable, in case of the cable breaks at any point.

9. Jumper Cables Price

When buying anything, whether it is a pair of jumper cable or a car, you need to check the price. You’ll see a wide range of pricing of the jumper cables. This happens because of the compromise in the quality or length of the cable. You need to make sure you get the best product at a reasonable price point.

We advise our visitors not to purchase a cheap product to save a few bucks. A few bucks can cost thousands of dollars eventually if anything goes wrong.

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