How to Keep Your Car in Good Health

regular car maintenance dos and dontsregular car maintenance dos and donts

Keeping car in a good condition is not a big deal once you know how to care for a car. The car needs regular maintenance and care to keep moving. If you see your friend’s car not needing repair for years, that’s because (s)he care for it, maintains it as required and follows the good practices to make things smooth. Here is what you can do to keep your car up and running-

1. Change Oil Regularly

Engine oil is a crucial part when it comes to car maintenance. Most of the cars start malfunctioning because of not changing oil regularly.

Since engine oil ensures smooth operation of the engine without overheating, it gathers dirt and particles over the time. And the oil also breaks down and starts decaying resultantly increasing friction in the engine. This causes high fuel consumption and abnormal sound in the engine too.

So, change the engine oil of your vehicle once every 5000 miles of usage. How many miles you can go without changing the oil depends on various factors and one important factor of which is- the quality of the oil you used in the engine. So, go for the good quality oil and check how many miles you can move without changing the oil. It should be written on the bottle.

2. Check the Brake

Everyone in the earth knows about the disastrous consequence of failed brake. Brake works by hydraulic and brake pads. If the hydraulic system that controls brake pads have any leak or other problem in it, you are surely in danger. And the brake pad is also as important as checking the hydraulic system. Since brake works by friction, a broken brake pad can make your drive a nightmare.

So, you must periodically check the braking system and regularly replace the brake pads and other components with high quality products.

3. Consult Good Mechanic

Consulting a good mechanic can be compared to consulting a specialist doctor. Unless you see a good doctor, you can’t be sure about your health problems. And mechanic works exactly like doctors when it comes to car health. The only difference is the subject matter.

So, when you need car repair or maintenance, make sure to choose among the reputable ones. They can repair your car without damaging the other parts of it. Knowledgeable mechanics can predict future car problems by scrutinizing the parts of it. So, you get enough time before it is too late to go for a car repair.

4. Use Right Tire

Tire is what bears the weight of the car. Those work like legs of human as without them, you can’t move your car. Choose tires that is recommended by the car manufacturer.

Tire selection plays a vital role in overall comfort and noise reduction. So, make sure to choose the car tire wisely and replace when needed.

5. Wash Car Regularly

Washing both interior and exterior of the car regularly can make your car look like new for long time. And for both your and your car’s health, cleaning is a mandatory. Wash the car exterior with car washing soap and interior with car interior cleaners.

Doing this will increase the lifespan of the color, leather, and other small parts of the car saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

6. Learn Basic Car Maintenance

A big mistake car owners do is- wait for mechanics. Not every time you’ll get a mechanic nearby. So, for keeping your car moving, you should learn basic car repairs that do not need a lot of technical knowledge.

You can easily learn this by attentively seeing how mechanic is repairing your car. But before following the exact process the mechanic followed, double-check the method. There are instances where you’ll see mechanics doing a thing in your car turns out a great solution and when you do the exact same thing, it does not come out well. This happens because of the other connecting factors in the machine that the mechanic can see and you can’t see without knowing details about it.

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